Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nintendo NX - Which Rumor is more Credible?

Not trying to start a problem with Nintendo Enthusiast, just stating my opinion on this subject. However there is a reason that site is banned from being posted on NeoGAF, the rumors they have run in the past have turned out wrong the majority of the time.

I like the site and how they post the news and how they support Nintendo, but they have been prone to posting these type of rumors from sources that they say are good but sadly seem to usually be missing a piece of information from the actual source itself. Publications like the Wall Street Journal don't have a track record like that.

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Unknown said...

theres many factors here that people are just not getting

the rumor true or not states the RAW POWER of nx to be like xbox one now this means diddly...

if i produced a pentium 3 today on a 14nm node using the latest building tech then connected it to todays ram,even tho the flops and specs ARE THE SAME the real world performance would be MANY MANY X BETTER

a xbox one level spec using gcn 3 vs xbox gcn 1 and a good cpu vs xbox poor cpu but ON PAPER being the same spec aka shader count give or take gflops give or take WOULD NOT BE XBOX ONE IN GAME IT WOULD EASY BE 2X if not more...

people are reacting NOT THINKING,add to this MODDEN API witch you yourself have posted being MANY TIMES MORE EFFICENT

if nx is the same level machine as xbox one IN RAW POWER it would be EASY 2x 3X the xbox one IN GAME

its just not logical to compare a gcn 1 to a gcn 3 or a 2016 cpu to a 2012 cpu or a 28nm to a 14nm

your own posts have proven this in the past THE E6760 WTF EVER IT WAS beat a 4850 benchmark with FAR LOWWR GFLOPS AND WATTAGE...

it is not the raw its the REAL WORLD THRU PUT example RAW xbox looked stronger than gamecube real world gamecube destroyed it in framerate and polygons and lighting

another example of IF RUMOR IS TRUE PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING IT,if i built today a xbox one with a zen core instead of a jaguar a gcn 3 instead of a gcn 1

and hbm ram and gddr 3 ram but on paper was the same amount of shaders and speed IT WOULD DESTROY A XBOX ONE IN GAME

so these rumors do not bother me one way or the other better newer chips better newer instructions-regesters-compressiin-graphics features -ram-cpu and api and hardware build

a 14nm 2016 amd level design at xbox one level SPECS would easy out perform a ps4

so theres no need to belive or not,add to this CLOUD AND SCD there is no worry whats so ever...