Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nintendo NX Touch Screen Patent Explained

There is a lot more to this patent than just a touch screen with holes in it like people have been saying. The possibilities could be endless with this!

Let me know your own ideas in the comments guys! The more ideas shared the better :)


Unknown said...

like i posted before, there could be a evolved stick, or pair of sticks involved...

short sliders that instead of just click down (witch iv always hated its awkward) are more a 3D stick so you can use them as dirrection and also push down then activate other modes.

this could be whats going on,i also like the idea of icons and hints displayed around the sticks that can change on the fly and the idea of tye touch screen being easy fo use via your thumbs...

il now watch your video,nice to see you doing this dave,you put a good effort into it and you have found your audiance on YT....

i may post again after watching..

Unknown said...

just reminded me of one of my biggest pet hates this gen,when people say these two things

the wii U controller.....and why doesnt nintendo make a NORMAL controller....right both these stupid observations are wrong

one the wiiu doent have A controller it has a cutting edge RANGE OF MANY CONTROLLERS pro pad-gamepad-classic pad pro-gamecube pad-wii remote nunchuck

even all third party pads and retro pads designed for wii work perfectly EVEN DUALSHOCK 3 AND 4 work via a wii remote THAT IS BY FAR THE BEST AND BEST RANGE OF CONTROLLERS IN HISTORY...

so its wiiu controller'S not comtroller

and to answer the DUMBASS why doesnt nintendo make a normal controller

pro pad
gamecube pad
classic pad pro
fight pad
hori pad

these people are either the worlds worst troll's or there so FULL RETARD its not even funny,NEVER GO FULL RETARD...

there the same people who say outragous crap like CONTROLS DONT MATTER and second stick is a better aimer than a mouse pointer...

this isnt opinion or observation ITS HATE there fully aware wiiu has KICK ASS CONTROLS there just so fanboy about dualshock there trolling...


never mind third parrty support or anything else there is a DRONE-CULT like mentallity within gaming wii disrupted this

i as a life long gamer look at xontrols like this

im a gamer think of gamer as a TRADE be it a construction worker-a mechanic-a engineer

what do they use they use TOOL'S i as a fps guy love the wii remote its a FPS TOOL

i as a action fight gamer love the pro pad

as a mario maker fan i love touch screen,JUST A BASIC OBSERVATION OF USING A TOOL

some tools are MULTI FUNCTION like a screw driver i can stab scrape jab screw in screw out open paint tins even scratch words into things and make notes


how anyone can say this doesnt matter is MIND BLOWING TO ME

if that was true kindly show me someone playing cod on a nes pad, or mouse aiming with a analog stick,or touch screen interaction on a atari joystick..

nes had more than one controller-snes had more than one controller-wii did to-and wiiu was AMAZING in this regard

the industry needs a kick in the ass im sick of the DUALSHOCK mentallity i cannot control a whole soccer team with it I CAN A WII REMOTE AND CHUCK

i cannot finely control pikmin with it I CAN A WII REMOTE AND CHUCK

im sick of ignorent fanboys and a ignorent industry,nintendo needs to intergrate its best innovations into one pad

and offer a cheap side effort as a dualshock-gamecube like pad

so give me a gyro mouse touch screen custom do it all pad and a classic pad pro PRESTO TWO PADS THAT COVER ALL BASES

great video metaldave

Unknown said...

oh forgot,

the problem isnt BUTTON OR NO BUTTON the problem is CONTROL-HOW MUCH CONTROL DO WE HAVE people need to put the old away and think NEW...

some of those screen-stick ideas are very deep in control,but very easy to pick up and play..