Monday, August 10, 2015

Final Fantasy XIV also being considered for Nintendo NX

So now we have 3 games from Square-Enix that are "under consideration" for Nintendo NX. My question is has this ever happened before, when a Third Party semi-announces games for an un-revealed console before even Nintendo has? This is getting pretty crazy guys, but here is the statement about FFXIV possibly coming to the NX:

"With the announcement that Square Enix is considering a Nintendo NX port of Dragon  Quest XI and Dragon Quest X, Yoshida-san also gave some details on the possibility of that consideration to be extended to Final Fantasy XIV.
First of all, Yoshida-san is still waiting to know when the console will be released, and secondly, Square Enix needs to talk to Nintendo as well about the policies about cross-platform gameplay on the NX before a port can be considered. Negotiations with Nintendo on the topic still have to be started."
So what do you guys think about this news? I would say it can only be viewed as good news for any Nintendo fan. Square-Enix must obviously know a lot more about the new Nintendo console than any of us are aware of, but I am very excited to see this happening!

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Anonymous said...

nintendo already allows cross platform online with wiiu and 3DS ANOTHER THIRD PARTY IGNORED ABILLITY!!!!

wiiu is allowed to cross plat online in games with any other platform,some games already do with android,is nintendo pushing this ability to third partys..

is nx a boosted wiiu be it hybrid or dual system or a console and handheld with the same chipset,is he hinting at handheldvand console online together or cross compat with phones and tablets

im not that interested in generic square games and heavy multiplatform ports,but being square its interesting as square doesnt have a close relationship with nintendo,or is it just attention whoring as square head towards bankrupcy..