Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wii U 2015 Software Line-up is actually great

So with the ranting now calming down over Tuesday's Digital Event from Nintendo, we can start to see exactly what the Wii U has coming for the rest of 2015. When reviewing the release list, it is actually a very strong line-up of games:

August-December 2015 Wii U releases:

Freedom Planet
The Devil's Third
Super Mario Maker
Fatal Frame: Oracal of the Sodden Raven
Mighty No. 9
Skylanders Superchargers
Lego Dimensions
Lego Marvel Avengers
Guitar Hero Live
Disney Infinity 3.0
Just Dance 2016
Rodea: The Sky Soldier
Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories
Yoshi's Woolly World
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Fast Racing Neo
Star Fox Zero
Xenoblade Chronicles X

So while Zelda is missing from the list sadly, the system has quite a lot to play for the rest of this year and with a game like Xenoblade coming at the end of the year, 2016 will have gamers very busy in the early months with that game as well. 


Daniel Caetano said...

I think people was expecting Nintendo to show many unnanounced games with 2016 release dates to make clear that Nintendo *is* commited to WiiU and is not switching over NX. The hype and expectations were high for sure after so many pre-E3 reveals...
Anyway, Nintendo Digital Event has not shown this commitment to WiiU and therefore the anger and rage.
As a side note, I believe it was just a bad selection os news. Remove those pointless "developer talk" and "super mario me"... add Fast Racing Neo, some new footage on Devil's Third, Fatal Frame release date with english audio and 20 seconds os new Zelda U footage (nothing really hard) and the reaction would be totally different... even not showing a single new game.
But I really think they should show something for 2016/17 (a single game) to build hype and shows some future commitment, besides Zelda U.

Gregory Weagle said...

The media event was okay for the most; but the last five minutes really fell apart; which is the most notable thing people see. I get the campaign and it's for a great cause; but couldn't they run that segment during the Micro Nintendo Direct that came weeks before the DME? Seriously; they could have spend those last five minutes showcasing several titles that weren't even on the Micro Direct nor this event like Devil's Third or even Project Zero.

As for the Metroid thing: It's different at least, and at least these games won't have daddy issues like Metroid Other M. Oh; and the Muppet Execs were great and didn't insult me like the Robot Chicken parodies. So an average DME, which Nintendo could ill afford in an environment where the narrative has always been that Nintendo should go third party.

Anonymous said...

there all insane acting like treehouse dont exist

nintendos e3 was 3 days SOLID not a hour of hype trailers