Monday, June 22, 2015

Sony Wins E3 But Nintendo Wins 2015?

Many say that Sony won E3 2015 due to three future game announcements (2017-2018 release dates), Shenmue 3, FFVII Remake & The Last Guardian. While these games are exciting announcements, for 2015 Sony does not have much to play on the Playstation 4, while on the Wii U side of things Nintendo has quite a lot to play. In my opinion it's hard to crown someone a winner for game announcements that are 2-3 years away.

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Anonymous said...

i fail to see how trailers win anything,non existent games with far away release dates

shenmu is a concept in limbo and totaly relient on kickstarter funding,sony saying there involved is FRAUD sony are now getting the public to kickstart there games

clearly sony leached onto the hype and expect there fanboys to fund games THAT IS NOT SUCCESSFUL OR PROPER its cheap....

ms shown a over prced controller that does nothing new doesnt even support mouse aiming or touch screen,its a pad with more buttons nothing more about it

gamepad and wii remote are leagues ahead of that and steam controller

wiiu has ACTUAL GAMES COMMING and as dirrects year round not just trailers once a year,nintendo is n transition 2016 shall reveal a lot about there future

i as a rewl gamer do not understnd how these scripted cgi lie graphics trailers are impressive, nintendo had 3 days of treehouse nt a one our show with trailers or a CRAP CONTROLLER....