Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PS4 menu looks a bit like Steam?

When looking at this video I couldn't help but notice a lot of similarities with the PS4 and Steam for PC. It is a Third Party haven for games but the difference is that the prices are way too high and (just like Steam) a lot of these games are just not worth buying. From the looks of it, the PS4 only has a few games truly worth owning at this current point in time. 

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ECM said...

Bought a PS4 at launch...have bought *one* game to date: Bloodborne, which was a disappointment when compared to previous Souls games, even the lackluster DSII.

(I do have PS+, which is where my limited PS4 time had gone prior to BB because there simply aren't any games that are particularly appealing and/or not also available on PC.)