Friday, February 20, 2015

New 3DS System Transfer is actually easy, if you're prepared

So some have been making Youtube videos about how terrible it is to do a system transfer on the New 3DS before they even tried doing the transfer themselves. How can you actually have a verdict on how bad or good something is without actually trying it for yourself?

Rich from ReviewTechUSA is guilty of judging Nintendo on the New 3DS system transfer saying it is a disaster, yet in his video he admitted to now owning a New 3DS yet or doing any system transfers himself. These kind of "opinions" simply can't hold water against someone who has actually gone through and done the system transfers before.

Others have posted videos of doing the system transfers flawlessly and for myself, I didn't have any issue with doing the system transfer via hotspot from my smartphone in my car. The whole process took me less than one hour to complete even without a 100% stable Internet connection. 

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