Friday, January 09, 2015

Final Fight 3 vs Streets of Rage 3 - Console Wars

Strangely they give Streets of Rage 3 the nod in being better than Final Fight 3. I own both games on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console and I really think that Final Fight 3 is not only the better game, but also one of the best side scrolling beat ups from the 16-Bit era. The argument they give over Final Fight 3 is the control, which they said is not responsive enough....which I found to be perfectly tight and responsive. I have actually never heard of anyone complain about the control in Final Fight 3, it makes me wonder if these guys were playing it on an emulator and not the original SNES.

What do you guys think (who have played both originals) what is truly better Final Fight 3 or Streets of Rage 3?


Anonymous said...

SOR3--and especially BK3--is a much better game than FF3.

In fact, outside of the original SOR, the series, as a whole, smashes the FF series, even though the original FF is still a fantastic game (just not nearly as fantastic as SOR2 and 3).

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie. Might be biased coz I grew up on Sor2, and played a sor3 a lot later in life. Have played through the FF's through emulation and vc. As much as I think the original FF Arcade is a master piece in its own right, and I like FF3 style, especially how it takes design Nods from SF alpha series (which is a large part of my gaming staple), plus it was built from the ground up for snes unlike FF 1 & 2 which were ports. I think all round SOR edges out FF as a whole, not by much. This only apply to the 16 bit realm. There are other games such as Sengoku 3, Alien vs Predator, Cadilacs and Dinosaurs, Punisher, that I think take this genre to new heights... and in the 32 bit era, I think Guardian Heroes is the pinnacle of 2d beat em ups, but that is another discussion altogether.