Wednesday, December 17, 2014

*Rumor* Next Gen Nintendo Handheld to use Free Form LCD

(above screens are just an example, the panels around the screen are for a car dash board)

As many have already expected, Nintendo is always planning or developing their next hardware whether it's a handheld or console device. A new rumor has surfaced today from Japan, that Nintendo is working with Sharp to provide a "Free Form Liquid Crystal Display" for a new handheld system to be released possibly as early as 2016. 

What a screen like this would allow Nintendo to do, for example, would be to make a screen in any shape they would like the handheld to have. The device could theoretically be just one big screen with controllers attached or "fitted" inside of it for easy of reach to the touch screen itself.

This could really make Nintendo's next handheld extremely interesting and break the current limits of what the DS/3DS have right now. This also fits Nintendo's constant interest in changing the way we view games, displays and interaction. 


Anonymous said...

very true but also a display for QOL products lets wait and see controls tightly fitted into a big screen would be great

Anonymous said...

it could also mean the hinge area has the screens meet and act as one or two screens with no visible line between the two