Monday, December 22, 2014

Bayonetta 1 Wii U HD More Gameplay

For those of you who are still wondering how the first Bayonetta game looks on the Wii U, take a look at this gameplay video I uploaded just a few days ago. I put the quality up to 1440p so it will look as clear as possible.


Anonymous said...

got the double pack just tye other day

im playing 2 first then one its clear 2 is much much better all round but maintains that arcade art direction everything is better polygons-geom-textures-lighting-effects-sound

it looks amazing at times great water great particles clean textures the game is growing on me more and more

a bit cut scene heavy and the battles are too staged and to many load screens but gameplay and visuals are amazing as is surround sound

1 is like the x360 but no screen tearing or issues and looks slightly crisper and has better 1080p scaling as wiiu scales so well

glad i got the double pack 1&2 and i only paid 30 pounds for it thats for two games

when wiiu games retail at 45 pounds its a steal

my only gripe is as you run thru levels its a bit bland battles only happen now and again the collecting is silly and the walk run controls a bit blocky

but the fighting and combos and camera are great just wish it had more going on as you go to the next battle

Anonymous said...

correction its heating up far more action and less breaks inbetween now im further in

amazing game boss battles are insane graphics glorious