Friday, November 07, 2014

Bayonetta 2 debuts with 200k in sales first 2 days outside Japan

Believe it or not, Bayonetta 2 already has a better debut week than Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on the Wii U, which that game outside of Japan only sold about 150k in it's first few days. This is a huge win for Nintendo and shows that people don't avoid M-Rated games on Nintendo systems, they avoid poorly made games and ports that are missing features; and damn right they should.


Anonymous said...

nintendo gamers are about qoality gaming and nothing else ae ratings have nothing to do with it,industry and its lies

what strikes me is the graphical leap between bay 1 and bayo 2 is far wider than future warfare ps3 ps4 and destiny ps3 ps4

both activition shooters are so close graphically regardless of native resolution

ign's compare video shows future warfare loks almost exactly the same every platform

as is the case with destiny evil within shadow of mordor etc

the industry is full of shit and is butt hurt at nintendos superiority,smash u is 1080p 60 frames

bayo 2 is 720p 60 frames mk8 looks amazing

the industrys lies are aimed at kiddy brodudes to make them buy those systems theres no reason for wiiu not running future warfare with xbox one level visuals at 720p so as to sqeeze in the gamepad multi player or have a dual resolution mode to fot it in

evil within ps4 would easy run on wiiu

im notwanting these games i couldnt care less im just pointing out thge industry is full of lying clowns

every wiiu exclusive is out scoring every xboneand ps4 game with ease,and the DLC is of far far far higher qoality at lower prices

amiibo looks great and wll be supported in many many games

wiiU by far has the best games best controls best innovation abilitys and best controller choice

cod future warfare isnt a refreshing change its the exact same thing as before and has weak gimmics like GHOSTS did

ghosts had a weak childish destrution mode added that was pointless ,future warfare has a silly DOUBLE JUMP dressed up as being like titanfall and a usless clunky mech suit in the kill streaks

these games are shockingly bad evil within is pathetic vs res evil 4

Anonymous said...

Great but sadly enough NO ONE cares. I would like to see a 3rd party developer show me some amazing graphics on Wii U but it is not going to happen. No one is like NO ONE is making good looking games for Wii U(3rd party). It is just not able to create those good games in the same amount of time. Nintendo screwed up with a hard to use architecture and that is THEIR fault. same as sony did with ps3 but they at least had the best looking games overall do to first party. So maybe Nintendo has a chance next generation but this gen is done with Wii U.