Friday, October 24, 2014

Super Smash Bros Wii U Direct

Nintendo lists over 50 things that the Wii U version has that the 3DS doesn't have and basically shows how much lesser a version the handheld game is, in a classy way of course. Be sure to watch every second of this direct, you never know who will show up in the end!


Anonymous said...

1080p with 8 players on screen 60fps...

around 10 controller choices amiibo full support

off tv play

8 gamecube pads supported

totaly free online play

this game will score as or above bayonetta 2 leaving all ps4 games in the dust....

Gregory Weagle said...

This is my first Direct review:

The hype train lived up to the hype!

Metaldave said...

That was great in-depth review man, thanks for sharing.

Gregory Weagle said...

Boy; I need to re-edit that review because it was sloppier than the Direct itself.

I also missed that if they want to; they could release a full package of DLC Alternate costumes and get other characters other than Little Mac, 16 different forms to select. Maybe give Bowser Junior and the Koopalings alternative costumes. Not all the characters; but there are more than a few who could stand for more choices. Villager and Robin for instance (with Robin getting an alternative look of being older); Mario/Luigi/Peach, Kirby and Yoshi getting Epic Yarn/Wooly World forms, maybe all of them having Monochrome forms like Kirby and King Dedede.

There is a lot they can do here.

I also expect Nintendo to announce how the Pre-Download feature they announced during their finances meeting within a couple of weeks in probably a general Nintendo Direct, as they will finally show Duck Hunt Dog. Hopefully; we find out who is holding the Zapper light gun? Please; let it be either Lucas or Snake.