Friday, October 03, 2014

Fast Racing Neo - Wii U Tech Details

From Shin'en Twitter page:

The following come from Shin'en's Twitter account...

(About the 4K-8K textures) Yeah, streets took a lot of resolution. Tho biggest textures are used for the shadows.

60fps (with minimal dips here and there that we try to iron out)

Cinematic Tonemapping
HDR Bloom
Atmospheric Scattering

Smoke and mirrors all over the place, otherwise we would be at 20fps.

No, we use realtime soft shadows. So we can have dynamic weather and the games size is much smaller.

(TOD feature) It's realtime. As a race is just a few minutes there are not much visible changes, beside some clouds moving.

SSAO is by definition dynamic, tho it's (almost) impossible to get working in 60fps ;) Technically: Every console is outdated

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Anonymous said...

LOL all graphics are smoke and mirros faed things in computation or drawings ,thats what graphics are !!!!

neogaf etc crack me up frostbite engine is the biggest user of so called smoke and mirrors in the industry yet they dont admit it

then try calling out nintendo games

frostbite uses 2d sptites to creat lighting effects and baked on textures

tech 5 and tech 6 use mega textures and virtual textures ALL PRE BAKED

the best code is the best smoke and mirrors and funk to bring things to life nintendo is GENERATIONSagead at this

wind waker had things nothing else did for years onwards

n64 had first ever AA in hardware

shin'in are not pushing wiiu ITS A MINI FILE GAME they dont have the resouces to do AAA BUDGET GAMES there just showing great talent on a great console