Friday, September 26, 2014

Fast Racing Neo Wii U - New Screen Shots

Link to Twitter Post

So another week and another screen of Fast Racing Neo from Shin'en. When can we can get a trailer and release date? The game is looking awesome by the way, but where are the cars in these first two screen shots they released?


Anonymous said...

8k & 4k textures fully deferred rendering HDR lighting @ 60 fps...

looks like virtual texturing and mega texturing being used.. this is a tiny dev team of 3 or something...and a eshop file game,

the industry has a lot to answer to with its lies about wii U

How can a team of 3 with a tiny budget out perform huge third partys with hundreds of employees...

Anonymous said...


wii U is now dualshock 3 and dualshock 4 compatable a adaptor allows dualshock 3-4's to plug into a wii remote and operate in classic pad pro mode

fully allowing dualshocks to be used in almost every wiiu twin stick standard pad game

including mk8 3d world hyrule warriors bayonetta one and two COD etc etc etc

wii remote again OWNS and shows its unstoppable class

still killing fanboys and still giving to gamers the AMAZING wii remote

pc pads also compatable