Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super Smash Bros 3DS - More Leak Discussion

So this is pretty concrete evidence that these leaks have been real the whole time. How about using the Duck Hunt Dog as your main character? Amazing.


Gregory Weagle said...

Now; I'm assuming that this leak is legit and there is compelling evidence that it is (although I wonder if this leak was done on purpose by Nintendo to throw us off since this leak came before the Japanese release of the game. If this were after the Japanese version was released; no one would care and blame it on Nintendo for not doing global releases (never mind that they did a global release for Pokemon X/Y and it delivered a major game breaking bug).) although there is the issue of having ESRB videos of a game well after the game was rated (I think the game's rating for the 3DS version was released at E3; but I might be wrong on that subject.).

It's funny how everyone is up at arms over the character leaks when the other screenshots I have seen from other sources have almost nothing else of note. Besides Shulk, Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt Dog (really? No Ice Climbers? DUMB!); I only saw a bunch of modes with no explanation (Omega Mode and Replay Channel, what are they? It doesn't say), one new stage (It looks like the Rhythm Heaven stage rumors are true), and two stages from Meele and Brawl (Game & Watch, Super Mario Brothers Sand stage from Brawl). There are a number of modes and trophies; but nothing else that I haven't seen in previous SSB games and in official materials released (They already confirmed Master Hand at E3).

Dark Pit is not much of a leak at all because if you recall at the end the Lady Palutina video; Dark Pit shows up and the goddess sezs "Come to spoil the party?". Nintendo might as well have introduced him right there and got it over with since it was a huge telegraph. Same with Mr. Game & Watch's return in the Pac-Man video. Why Nintendo didn't just make Dark Pit an alternative costume for Pit instead of a separate character is beyond me. And why not Sceptile from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire? You're releasing a remake of that game this fall; so why not?

Oh; and while I didn't say it on the net, I predicted that the "Fighting Polygon Team" portion of this Smash Brothers would be the Mii's. It was way too obvious. I think they teased it in the 3DS video at E3 too.

Gregory Weagle said...

One other note I forgot to say:

- I thought Ice Climbers getting axed is dumb because (a) they already have monsters from Smash Run in the game confirmed and (b) Rosalina and Luma need a foil anyway. What is the Duck Hunt Dog going to offer as a fighter? Seriously; someone explain this to me.

- All the other character reveals in the leak are from Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl. No one should be shocked that Ganondorf is back; nor Doctor Mario. Although with Doctor Mario; why didn't they do the alternative costume thing with Mario like they should have done with Dark Pit.

- Even though they spoiled four newcomers (including one EVERYONE on the net wanted except that I don't see much value in Shulk. At least Bowser Jr and Duck Hunt Dog are interesting from a creative standpoint); several returns (including one that was cut from Brawl), and maybe one new stage with two stages returning from Brawl: These are all for the 3DS. This leaker has NOT spoiled anything for the Wii U version. So there is still lots of secrets still left between now and release.

Besides; unless the leaker decides to give Nintendo the middle finger for trying to fire him and sue him as the rumor mills have been claiming, there wasn't much to say about these leaks.

Gregory Weagle said...

I have got to learn to remember everything I was going to post before hitting submit.

If this leak is in fact fake; then doesn't that kind of prove that Nintendo was in on the leak all along? It wouldn't be the first time I have seen companies working the internet. WWE and other wrestling promotions do this all the time as seen with Daniel Bryan's return after getting fired for choking out Justin Roberts with his necktie; or CM Punk leaving with the WWE title making us think he was done with the company; and then returning a few months later. They were to make us think that they were gone; but it was BS and WWE was working the internet. It would not surprise me if Nintendo did the same thing here. It might work for WWE; but I doubt it will work with Nintendo.

On the other hand; at least this would kill the "42 characters" rumor I have been hearing from some people.

As for my feelings on these leaks: I don't really care. No one is going to ultimately care because we are all going to be playing the game in about five weeks time. Besides; all of this would have been leaked anyway when the Japanese version comes out since it would have come out before the North American version.

Gregory Weagle said...

Now that I have had time to digest Nintendo's announcement of Shulk and the almost 100% confirmation of Ganondorf to the roster, I forgot about Distant Planet from Brawl returning along with Yoshi's Island and Cornela from Melee. I have also seen a few more leaked shots come out claiming that Wolf and Impa are next; but I'm going to ignore those for the moment.

The leaks in general might in fact be real in one sense; but this doesn't prove that this is the final build of the game. If the ESRB doesn't play games and Nintendo sends videos to the ESRB; then Nintendo would be able to completely control what is on the video and film only the stuff that they are certain would make the ESRB rating would reflect in that. Now I was wrong and the ESRB didn't rate the game at E3, so this build might have been a while ago. Still; Nintendo would have total control in what is on the videos; and if there is a contradiction in the ESRB policy then Nintendo would still control what is in the demo. It is not unusual and no one should be shocked by this.

Another reason why I think the leak is only somewhat legit concerns Bowser Jr., Dark Pit and Duck Hunt Dog. I think these three were merely used as test subjects. It could easily be that Bowser Jr is a boss; Dark Pit is an alternative costume selection and Duck Hunt Dog is an assist trophy (which makes a lot more sense than a playable character); all to test out the various mechanisms. If you read the Super Smash Brothers Melee entry in The Cutting Room Floor website; there is evidence that the game had ways to make the bosses playable through non-legit means. Certain placeholders could have characters as playable and then cut later in order to test these ones according to weither they are a boss, alternative costume or assist trophy.

In other words; the leaked shots and videos are probably from a build that was sent to the ESRB for rating reasons from Nintendo of America. It would not be the final build of the game. While it sucks that much of the roster has been shown; I think we should still be weary about deducing that the leak is 100% true. Personally; I think a roster of 47-48 characters is accurate. It would be a suitable compromise from the 42-44; and the 50+ nonsense.

I also think that there is much more to the customization menus then Nintendo is letting on. Dark Pit in the leak and Wario from Brawl is an a testament to this. We'll know in two weeks.

As for Ridley; he'll be a boss for sure. I also think he'll appear as a boss in the 3DS version. Where? Probably in the Melee version of Brinstar as an Event mode which was in Brawl and Melee.

As for the DLC nonsense: Three years ago; the answer would be no without question. If Nintendo is going to have DLC for Mario Kart; then DLC on Smash Brothers is also probable for both versions. Of course; this doesn't mean that it will have DLC, but Nintendo's attitude now as mentioned in one article on this blog points to it.

New Nintendo 3DS: I love this and I want to buy it now. Problem is: this needs to be in stores in North American this fall; not 2015 where it would do the most good. Good decision for Nintendo of Japan; not so much for NOA. Still behind the eight ball after all these years.