Friday, August 29, 2014

Miyamoto finally admits: Casual Gamers are "Pathetic"

In an interview with EDGE Magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of all your favorite Nintendo characters, had this to say about how he feels now about casual gamers in general:

"[These are] the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland," he said.
"Their attitude is, 'okay, I am the customer. You are supposed to entertain me.' It's kind of a passive attitude they're taking, and to me it's kind of a pathetic thing. They do not know how interesting it is if you move one step further and try to challenge yourself [with more advanced games]."
In the days of DS and Wii, Nintendo tried its best to expand the gaming population," he said.
"Fortunately, because of the spread of smart devices, people take games for granted now. It's a good thing for us, because we do not have to worry about making games something that are relevant to general people's daily lives."
He may look nice and cuddly, but I think Miyamoto is pretty frustrated with how things have been going with Nintendo and the gaming community over the past 3-4 years or so. It started with the end of the Wii era and now it's in full effect with the Wii U. The casual crowd that bought the Wii could care less about what the Wii U has to offer, they don't care about Nintendo either. So in what many have predicted, Nintendo is going to push for the core market again, something fans have been waiting for since the end of the Gamecube era.

So basically, this is the Nintendo we are going to see in the next few years:

I think Nintendo fans can be excited for this, in fact little by little, this is what the Wii U is really like right now already.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY ADMITS he is calling out the PATHETICS his calling out ps4 buyers

his admitting nothing he is stating a fact average joes are PATHETIC these people are buying the ps4

they want to press a button NOT EVOLVE TO A NEW BETTER WAY,he is calling out idiot people witch is sadly most people

if you dont understand a blu tooth 3d pointer mouse dont play or develop games ,if you dont understand gamepad dont play or develop games

his calling people out AND RIGHTLY SO

the average joe who goes to the cinema etc IS THE PS4 BUYER AN IDIOT

wii wasnt about casual it was DISRUPTIVE nintendo took away the ps1 2 players from sony and tried to EDUCATE THEM

3ds was a hardcore device so is wiiu its the natural evolution to wii DS the next step in EVOLUTION sadly the average joes PATHETIC doesnt get this

ps4 is a button pressers semi interactive NON GAMERS DEVICE

wiiu is a cutting edge GAMING MACHINE

this is what he really means THE AVERAGE CONSUMER IS PATHETIC his 100% right

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt be seen dead playing phone games EVER ...ps4 is of the same thing DUMBED DOWN NON GAMING

scipted movie trash with very little gameplay like the order

fps-ing on a twin stick pad with tank like controls and bot aim ITS NO DIFFERENT TO PHONE GAMING CLUNKY-LAGGY-TRASHY