Thursday, July 31, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming to Wii U confirmed again?

The Internet is a fun place wouldn't you say? This is the 3rd time the Wii U has been found in the source code of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare website pre-order page. Leave it to editing mistakes to announce Wii U games!


Anonymous said...

@ sub HD direct port from x360,tacked on lagging wii remote not polished class leading wii remote like ops and mw3 wii

no graphics upgrades terrible bro dude auto aim like ps4 xbone

and tacked on gamepad multi player WHAT EXACTLY IS THE POINT OF THIS GARBAGE

weres the minimum res of 720p if not higher were os the polished sweet wii remote mouse aiming

turn down the bot aim ghotz was a joke for kids

stop putting c[lag compensation in to help poor players win a few games and get hucked WE KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING ACTIVITION

860X720 or 1024x600 on a wiiU is simply taking the micky

wiiu can run cod upto 1080p and it can offer sweet wii remote controls like black ops wii mw3 wii and metroid prime 3 (diffrnt type there its not a sighted game)

its the same garbage every year the wii versions were more core it had far far far less auto aim and the wii remote was amazing

the so called hd versions have massive bot aim in soft ware and terrible lag compensation

the shot gun for example just walk around shooting no actual skill involved at all and the bullet bending hitting things not aimed at because the software aims for you

ps and xbox fans are seriously trying my nervs with the crap they talk this is not core gaming its gaming for 5 yr olds

Anonymous said...

blatantly copying titanfall