Friday, June 13, 2014

Nintendo E3 2014 Treehouse Friday Blowout!!!

So much greatness, so little time to see it all while it happened! Thanks to YouTube we have it all captured for our viewing pleasure at any time. I'm sure over the next week there will be lots more videos and discussions about all these games that were showed at E3 for Wii U. What an amazing show and something Nintendo truly needed to do.

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Anonymous said...

devilsthird looks so deep 3rd person-fps plus fighting massive customization massive range of player types costomized maps building full multi player full gamepad usage

ADD WII REMOTE AND CHUCK AND POLISH IT UP IM SOLD it blws away the generic cods battlefields etc....

splatoon the same all manner of modes and online play abd fluid gameplay gamepd motion and stick ADD IN WII REMOTE AND CHUCK IM SOLD AGIAN

MOUSE POINTING WILL OWN IN THESE GAMES gamepads screen for tactical stuff and ap iver view etc etc

splatoons motion-stick combo controls are said to be very very good