Friday, April 04, 2014

Mario Kart 8 - Tons of new Footage

Big happy Friday to everyone! This ended up being a huge blowout week for Mario Kart 8 to say the least. We got Rainbow Road 64 revealed, all-new tracks, items and a deeper look at how the game will play. Not to mention how amazingly pretty the game looks with so much color and attention to detail. May 30th seems like an eternity at this point.


Anonymous said...

best graphics yet this gen and @ 60 frames

the attention to detail and the feeling of a living breathing world has never been seen like that before its trully stunning to behold

look around the screen in the races its seriously amazing the graphics the physics the lighting the detail the speed

massive controller choice too and remote play

blown away visually doesnt happen to me anymore but it has this time

compare this to the generic rubbish second son it blows it away big time

and the fact its 720p is hilarious asvit makes resolution fanboys look stupid as its actually crisper looking than second son etc and all those idiots saying its 1080p thats why its so sharp have bin made to look foolish

res has nothing to do with it its all polish and graphics power HD is HD banging on about the numbers has clearly been proven IRRELEVENT

Anonymous said...

looks good just ready for Zelda U now... like i hope Nintendo knows they have to bring it with Zelda U.... it has to blow us away... VISUALLY