Friday, April 25, 2014

Call of Duty: Is this how to end Camping for good?

Call of Duty has become the bane of many people who used to enjoy it very much. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was probably the best all-around multiplayer experience of all the Call of Duty games, it had a balance that seemed to just "work" for most people and was very fun on top of that. Each Call of Duty since that time has gone more and more towards favoring hiding/camping, none movement gameplay.

What this has done is turn Call of Duty into just a game of patience; wait for your opponent to get tired of waiting for you to come out and hope that he comes out first, aim shoot and rack up kills. It's a sad excuse for a "fun arcade experience" for a first person shooter. However with Ghosts, this type of gameplay has gone way to far in my opinion, rewarding people who don't move. So here we have Elpresador, out to prove a point in exposing "Camping Losers" and find a way to break up the boring waiting game of COD.

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Anonymous said...

the thing is WHAT IS CAMPING the whole camping thing has got stupid on every level

EVERYONES A CAMPER ACCORDING TO EVERYOE ELSE on the head set its become a total excuse

hold down a building CAMPER ,stand still for a moment CAMPER

lie down CAMPER ,sporn get a kill camper ,kill a sporner CAMPER

Its gotting beyond a joke on every level,and whos to say how someone else plays

the games a joke , the controls are more snap on auto - aim every year,the wii remotes completly gimped

the lag is lol unbearable the maps stink its a brodude KIDDYS GAME

Camping is one thing only going to ground and never moving pot shotting at people

nothing else is camping yet you woud think so aseveryone on the mic is endlessly calling everyone else a camper

theres no solusion its cod culture IMATURITY

Anonymous said...

the guy took a tactical position in a fps the other guy ran round screaming

cods a joke

Metaldave said...

I think "tactical position" on that one was a bit much. The guy was just sitting behind a box, not moving taking shots. Yes the game lets you do it and the game doesn't punish the player for doing that, but is that really how you want to play Call of Duty?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I only got into COD because of the zombie mode. I still enjoy Kino Der Toten map on Wii. I remember getting my brother-in- law to finish (Modern Warfare?) one COD title for Wii just so I could unlock zombie mode and that year Wii owners didn't even get the zombie bonus.

I think there should be a time limit for camping. But at some point you have to pick a position and protect yourself. If camping was not allowed at all, then everyone will just be running around shooting at each other - wait, did I just describe COD? lol. Realistically, how else do you stake claim to a position when you play in teams? Sometimes you gotta "hold down the fort".