Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sessler: How Titanfall and Evolve represent a new era of Multiplayer (what?)

Now while I do agree that both Titanfall and Evolve are trying a couple different things with some gameplay aspects of their individual games, I don't think it is anything that ushers a new era in Multiplayer by any means.

Something truly revolutionary would be something completely different than just "Call of Duty with Mechs" which is exactly what Titianfall is. The new coat of paint and mech "mechanic" is based on the desire to break free from the Call of Duty mold and try to make money on another franchise that could sway COD players away. Marketing and gimmicks is nothing new and shouldn't be praised as a new era or the second coming.

Adam Sessler knows just as much as anyone on Youtube, which means it is based on opinion only with no factual basis supporting his statement. Just like when he said Nintendo's Pro Controller and Gamepad were too difficult to use and were too strange to play compared to a "normal" dual stick setup, when in fact both controllers are able to play exactly like that in the first place. 

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