Tuesday, February 04, 2014

90's Arcade Racer - New Wii U Screens & Info

Developer Nicalis is working hard on the Wii U version of 90's Racer and posted on screens on their blog. They confirmed the game will run at 60FPS at 720p with 4xMSAA & FXAA.

I asked on the GAF why not just run the game at 1080p instead of all the Anti-Aliasing being applied and apparently it's easier to apply the Wii U's "free" AA to games than just outputting at 1080p even though it can do it just fine.

Here is what Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis said in response to my question:

"The Wii U is actually perfectly capable of doing 1080p, but we wanted to give that up so we can add more visual effects and polish. With AA, running at 720p/60fps the visual fidelity is negligible given that we can add more effects."

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deSSy2724 said...

Learn the difference between "resolution" and "graphics settings/details". Also, learn the difference between "supports 1080p" and "good hardware for rendering in 1080p".


Speaking about "supports 1080p". Ofc Wii U supports 1080p resolution? WHY? Because the GPU and HDMI in Wii U supports this resolution (simply as that, over and out). Even the first Xbox technically supports 1080i resolutuon.

However, that doesnt means that you can except so called "next gen graphics", "native 1080p" and "60 FPS" AT THE SAME TIME! You wont see it because the power of the Wii U GPU and CPU is not unlimited. In fact, Wii Us CPU and GPU are weak or should i say low end compared to all todays GPU/CPUs in general.

Yeah, you can make a native 1080p and 60 FPS game for Wii U and its not really difficult. In fact, for developers, its actually very easy BUT BUT BUT you wont see "next gen graphics" at the same time.

Pushing graphics to a higher degree means lowering FPS
Pushing resolution to a higher degree means powering FPS
So, lets say you are an developer, if you want 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS that means you can push the visuals (resolution or graphics details) further. Simply as that....