Monday, December 02, 2013

Rev3Games - Why Don't You Just Admit It?

Rev3Games as a channel is very good and they have great coverage of games but I am  very puzzled by the lack of Nintendo coverage especially during the this time of year for the Wii U.

Why go to all the trouble of covering Xbox One and PS4 so extensively, only to highlight on their channel that they aren't really showing gamers much in new experiences? Why not show a game that maybe your viewers would be interested in seeing an opinion on, like Super Mario 3D World? It just amazes me that the channel could ignore that game and Nintendo as a whole without really saying the reasons for doing so.

Think about it: Look at how much time and coverage they spent showing Ryse on Xbox One, a game they scored a 2/5? I'm not going to accuse the company of anything, but something about that looks questionable.

Just admit it Rev3, you are Sony & Microsoft focused only. Nintendo should not be covered on your channel. It makes sense when you think about it; why cover one or two games every 6 months for a Nintendo console but all the other games and even the bad games on the other consoles? I am just curious as to why they haven't just came out and admitted that this is what they are doing.

-Gameplay shown is of myself playing Crysis 1 on PC with the Reloaded Pack installed.

Let me know what you think in the comment section either here or on the YouTube page. 


Anonymous said...

Well done metaldave I think this kind of reporting is needed its obvious what these anti gamers are up to

They know half the industry is dead they know ps4 has no games for 2014 and they know only wiiU is next gen

This fanboying is like a MENTAL ILLNESS xbone is a media box windows pc with computer I stalls computer waiting around and computer configerations and a laggy out dated os and interface ps4 is even worse

Navigating a interface with a dualshock in this day and age is DISGUSTING wiiu blows them away

No installs fast loafing small packed download files pock up and play controls cutting edge controls and a dual screened touch screen and wii remote mouse ready NEXT GEN INTERFACE AND OS

Ps4 is a computet xbone is a computeter wiiu is a nect gen gaming system SONY FANS NEED TO STOP DESTROYING GAMING

Who in there right mind buys ryse or knack or bullyzone

Rubbish gamez crap controls and lag

Vita is gamepad is getting very old too its nothing like gamepad at all


Anonymous said...

Knack debute at no 1 in the uk funny enough I just left the uk uk
Is over and so is gaming if this carrys on WITCH IT WONT its fanboy desperation who buys knack Who ,who buys that crap , jesus christ people wonder why I left the uk its pike living amoungst retarded people im now on a 24 sq mile island thats more english than the uk had been for years

Going out on mass to buy killzone and knack THAT IS LIKE EATING DOG POOP PLAIN ASS WRONG

Ryse will be number one next then a astaroid will hit thr earth and wipe out all life I am ashamed to be human at this oint in time GAMING HAS BECOME SO CORRUPT WRONG OUT DATED DUMB SILLY OUT OF TOUCH ITS SHOCKING

Dualshock 1 2 six axis dualshock 3 dualshock 4 wen does this nonsense stop

A cobsole and a game cannot evolve this way