Friday, October 25, 2013

Super Mario 3D World - New Trailer Overview

You just knew the guys at GameXplain would be doing an overview after Nintendo released this awesome trailer just a few days ago. Enjoy and have a great Friday and weekend guys.

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Anonymous said...

this game seems so stunning , yet so simple great to see everything about 2d mario being done in 3d with a lot of 3d mario titles influencing things

controls look so tight and file size is insane all stinks of nintendo magic

regarding netflix the surround issue is that wiius sound processor is generic digital surround its not using dolby etc codec

netflix need to deliver a solution or nintendo or convert the sound files to run

if theres legal issues wiiu has rights to dolby pro logic2 so digital pl2 via hdmi is also a option

sonys dolby etc is also cpu generated so it shouldnt be a problem