Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut - New Trailer

It is so sad that this game is coming to the Wii U so late after the anouncement of it and so later after the original release. This game is destined to barely sell anything at all seeing as the PC/360/PS3 versions didn't sell either. Regardless of all that sales talk, the game looks very good overall.

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Anonymous said...

fps view point and aim no thanks not with a stick everything else looks solid

but with the cheating on me behind my back going multi plat and faking its a wiiu upgrade graphically wn its not and ps3 and xbox getting faked wiiu abilitys its another attempt by the industry to fool everyone

vita is not gamepad a ipad is not gamepad a phone is not gamepad

and nintendo gamers fps with a cutting edge wii remote ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG

found out about that net flix surround sound yet metaldave wink