Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sessler's Something - Load Times in Next Gen?

Do loading screens detract from your experimentation in games? I think he brings up a good point in that if you have to sit through a long loading screen every time you die in a game, you may approach that game in a more conservative and less adventurous way and the game may suffer in your playthough because of it. Sometime I miss the cartridge era for this very reason!

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Anonymous said...

nintendo ALWAYS optermizes this area,

sony on the other hand seem to delibratly make there systems long loading ps123 psp even vita is...ps2 was by far the worst with psp close.

wiius disc system again is CUSTOM and its load speed and file design will be much much much faster than ps3 bluray files are slow as well as the disc drives aparantly

surly ps4s ram size will help and harddrive were wiiu has a fadt disc or harddrive loads from download games

no excuses for this other than laziness ,,sony dont usually care one of the very reasons i hate them..

sessler actually has a point this time even he gets it right once lol