Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rayman Legends - New Interview

So Rayman Legends is finally due to release in about 2 months and it definitely looks like one of the most polished games I've ever seen to say the least. After waiting so long for it, I can now be glad that the team can vindicate themselves. It's also cool that this new Rayman game includes Rayman Origins as well with the revamped art style. 

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Anonymous said...

shin-in devs giving wiiu the hi-5 again ,great to see a actual developer state actual facts instead of derp playstation fanboy hate..

wiiu 1080p WITH AA not with out capable in edram no tiling

cpu can use edram as well GREAT NEWS

edram speeds things up ,nano assult used only one cpu core and hardly pushed the gpu

compressed sound was decompressed on cpu TINY AMOUNT USED and processed via the DSP (its a heavy compressed game 100mb)

1080p needs at least 16mb to work in edram wiiu has 32mb plus more catch-buffers

lots of graphics power in edram akso a fast ram for cpu work

xbones 32mb fadt ram will help it be more like wiiu and x360

looks like ps4s struggling with out it and instead trys to use the huge gddr5 pool to get around this