Monday, July 15, 2013

Eiji Aonuma getting tired of Zelda formula

In a recent interview, director Eiji Aonuma revealed some interesting thoughts on the future of the Zelda series formula:

"It’s not that anyone is telling me we have to change the formula. I want to change it. I’m kind of getting tired of it. If I’m getting tired of it, then I’m sure other people are getting tired of it. There is an essential ‘Zelda’ I feel we need to stay true to. We are still testing things, exploring our options. We haven’t landed anywhere at this point. We’re still seeing what we can do

What I want to do, not specifically with Link but with the ‘Zelda’ franchise, I’m always striving to make something no one else can, something that is so distinctly ‘Zelda’ that it can only be done in a ‘Zelda’ game. There are times when I hit walls and I can’t come up with new ideas and I think maybe I should just give up and quit, but eventually a new idea comes along and I’m proud of myself. It breeds new life into the creative process.

“I go through these phases, over and over again. I hope those high points keep on coming.” - Eiji Aonuma

Link to full interview

He also says that many who are working on Wind Waker HD will then switch right over to Zelda Wii U. The element of surprise is also a reocurring theme for him when making a Zelda game. 

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