Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Crysis 3 PC = The Pinnacle of Modern Graphics?

Here is a video of PC gameplay of Crysis 3 set to max settings across the board. No doubt the game looks fantastic on PC eating up all available resources to max out the game with only the highest graphics cards or even dual GPU's running in sli. With so much power required to run this game, are the graphics really that much better than what is currently available on consoles?

 In my opinion, the PC game is definitely noticeably better, but for the power ratio that it takes to run this game on PC compared to the Xbox 360 version, it's not nearly a far enough ahead margin. An enthusiast gamers PC is many many times more powerful than any of the HD consoles but the returns in graphics keep getting less and less year after year. The key in this next gen is going to be exactly what Nintendo is good at: making unique looking games that take advantage of art style in a world of copycat games that all have the same realistic graphic style with minimal differences in not only how they look but how they play (see the FPS genre).

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Anonymous said...

nothing there wiiu or ps4 or xbox one couldn't handle

saturation levels have been reached.. i honestly haven't seen anything better than say this vid /mario kart 8/battlefield 4

its now irrelevant graphics war over..

also wiiu vs ps4 has PROVEN large slow main rams DO NOT makes games better...

any tech expert will state small and fast beats big and slow every time in gaming memory

wiiu vs ps4// gamecube vs xbox PROVEN!!

what i would say is new gpu cards with massive memory's could do away with cpus almost entirely

imagine a top class gpu card with just a small dualcore cpu at average speed but use the gpgpu compute shaders and huge ram instead as a computer cpus just doing house keeping and book keeping jobs

ARM cpus embedded into gpus would destroy intel etc !!!!!

to think cry-tech had crysis 3 on wiiu almost complete with effectively no development costs it was ported from existing code

and EA turned there nose up out of hate and spite

crytech confirmed 1080p was possible on wiiu

a x360 port with pc assets and 1080p and wii remote controls EA JUST DIE