Thursday, July 11, 2013

Broaden Your Luigination In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

The fourth installment in the popular Mario & Luigi Action-RPG series launches this Friday!

10th July 2013 – It’s time to pull off trademark Bros. Moves and experience the might of Dreamy Luigi this Friday, 12th July, when Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. releases for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

In this fourth instalment in the Mario & Luigi Action-RPG series, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the evil bat king Antasma and taken into a Dream World whilst at the resort on Pi’illo Island where herself and her staff, plus Mario and Luigi, had been invited. To chase down this new enemy, Mario must enter the Dream World through a sleeping Luigi, with Luigi using the Pi’illo folk – the original inhabitants of Pi’illo Island - as his pillows to sleep.

Within the Dream World, many Pi’illo folk have been trapped inside fragments of a Dark Stone by Antasma, and with Luigi using them as pillows, the rescuing of these characters is vital to progressing through the story. The plot thickens when Antasma is joined by none other than Bowser to form a nefarious new alliance, with their goal being to track down a mystical artifact known as the Dream Stone, which grants the power to conquer the world! In order to stop them, Mario and Luigi must travel between the diverse, real world landscape of Pi’illo Island, and the deepest parts of Luigi’s own dreams.

In this Mario & Luigi game you will experience the great power of Dreamy Luigi, with Mario at certain points only able to progress with a helping hand from his brother. For example, when Dreamy Luigi enters constellations in the sky in certain parts of the Dream World, a mass horde of Luigis will be at Mario’s disposal to perform actions such as forming a tower to reach higher ground, or producing a giant spinning cone to help Mario traverse horizontal gaps. These Luigi-fuelled moves are in addition to Luiginary Works, which enable you to interact with Luigi’s sleeping face in the real world, and Luiginary Attacks, which power-up Mario in battle.

Going into battle within the Dream World, there are a number of fantastical Luiginary Attacks which will become at your disposal throughout the course of the game. During battle expect lots of Luigis supporting Mario, such as with the Luiginary Hammer attack, where dozens of Luigis are piled up into the form of a giant hammer for Mario to use to smash down on enemies. Meanwhile, with the Luiginary Flame attack, Mario is fired up by multiple Luigis, with a sense of rhythm needed to build up a fire ball for Mario to launch at the enemy.

Face off against the evil alliance of Bowser and Antasma and help Mario and Luigi prevent their dastardly plans when Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. launches this Friday, 12th July, on the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles. Save the Pi’illo Folk, explore the different landscapes of Pi’illo Island and the Dream World, and of course, experience Luigi like you’ve never seen him before!

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