Friday, June 07, 2013

Xbox One vs Xbox 360

Hey guys, you know when you see something so funny that you just need to share it? Well this is one those times. It's amazing to me that Microsoft has chosen to make the Xbox One even more restrictive than playing games on a PC (you don't need an Internet connection for most PC games) and it is a definite turn off for people that are going to choose between a PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U looks to be the least "restrictive" of all the next gen consoles. 


Anonymous said...

ps4 or is it pc4 will be exactly the same sony are staying out the spot light its obvious both are industry box's

something iv been wondering about for months and now its PROVEN the AMD APU's have shared cpu ram and the gpu has to get data from the shared cpu catch

very bottle necked and indirect memory feed to GPU ,,,right i thought they must be 1 making the cpu and gpu link in a console manner not the bottle necked pc way

and 2 the gpu must have direct access to ram SO ITS A CONSOLE TYPE DESIGN NOT PC

right it turns out both xbone and ps3 still feed the gpu indirectly thru the cpu bus and catch but added a by-pass to the gpu this is clearly a very very poor and latent way to feed the gpu its very very LATENT vs wiiu

then add the cpu and gpu are pc like and dont link via a northbridge or is it southbridge like a games console

so both xbone and ps4 are proven low end pc design and no actual graphics ram THAT IS BAD IN A CONSOLE

xbone is trying to get round this issue with ESRAM its just t-sram copying gamecube and wii 12 years later i add 2 gens late...

but its not working there having huge issues with it and durragos APU is hot and massive and there using 6t-sram or something a poorer version

ps4 has no fast ram trick and very very very slow GDDR5 ram that feeds into the cpu bus then to a gpu by pass THAT AGAIN IS SLOW AND LATENT AND BOTTLE NECKED

there off the shelf APU's with added bits and there saying only 4 cpu cores active IN GAME clearly ps4 has no advantages at all

wiiu gpu data will be like 5 ns nano seconds

ps4 will be like 50 ns and then theres all this indirect feeding to gpu

wiiu's design owns them

Shawn said...

As the motherboard warms up, it starts to flex. This flexing activity causes an extricating of the GPU (illustrations handling unit)xbox one external hard drive