Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Wii U's "Wonderful" Diversity

You have to give Nintendo credit for having these games on the Wii U. Not one of these is another Space Marine FPS game with multiplayer and a boring campaign. What Nintendo brings to the table for gaming is something that just isn't being done on other consoles, which is why they always eventually make it hard for the consumer to not buy one of their systems sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

pc4 and xboned e3 line ups were shockingly bad the bro-dude shooter nonsense is getting out of hand...

AND THERE BOTH STILL LOL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AIMING WITH ANALOG STICKS,, ITS AWFUL THAT SHIT HAS TO DIE, ITS DISGUSTING wooden, lazy auto aim crap.. that looks totally fake feels totally fake and is totally fake.

take a look at deus ex dave on wiiu the cross hair moves i can only say like robocops head its like a tanks turret IN 3 DIMIENTIONS YOUR WEAPON AIM ISNT GLUED TO THE CENTER POINT OF 3D SPACE is it imagine that in real life

you pick up a gun or sward or crosss bow etc and try to aim and pont only for the rules of gravity and space to have been rearranged as you slept and you had to move like a robot from a 1950s movie

well im sorry that's what every xbone and pc4 fan will be doing next gen its seriously like living in the twilight zone

how can they play like that HOW !!!!!


deus ex aiming has made that game a no buy for me now analog stick aiming and atomization is destroying gameplay...

Anonymous said...

wiiu has unlimited controllers and choice and 100% backward compatibility and gave ps4 a visual kicking at e3

why would i buy anything else i dont AIM WITH STICKS industry start to wake up or i go first party only