Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monolith Soft X Wii U E3 Trailer

This was the most impressive game shown on the Wii U so far at E3 for myself personally. Out of all the exclusives coming to the Wii U, I think this game resonates with me the most. Smash Bros will be awesome and so will Mario Kart as well. Overall Nintendo showed 12 exclusives coming to Wii U between 2013 and 2014 with 8 of those games coming this year. The only disappointment for me would have to be Donkey Kong Country, I really thought Retro Studios was going to surprise us with something new or a different franchise they were working on, even if it does look like a great game.


Unknown said...

I dont see how people didnt see donky kong coming wii version sold big big numbers I think better thsn all primes combined and iwata clearly held a banana in a direct and gave hints to sell so many stsyem sellers at christmad time was a masterstroke I can wait for. Metroid etc

3rd partys need to fix there heads the most advanced tech system for FPS on this planet is wiiu

Wii remote gamepad two screens does this have to be explained tactile fps like never before and xbone pc4 destroying core fps mouse pointer and fps petfection nunchuck


Anonymous said...

look how utterly smooth and open and great it is compared to ps4s silly aim assist on rails linear final fantasy

core gaming is comming home for good