Friday, May 24, 2013

Shadows of the Eternals - CryEngine 3 Tech Details

If you notice the debug info, you'll see that it's all DirectX 11 being used for this demo. The developers have confirmed that the Wii U version of this game will look the same as the PC game and that the Engine works great on the Wii U with all the features turned on. While the Wii U is not using DX11 but Open GL, the creators of the Unity 4 Engine have confirmed that DirectX 11 effects are possible on the Wii U.


Anonymous said...

why wouldn't they be!!! 35mb of on gpu catch memory,, custom designed gpu mix of shaders and fixed function

confirmation from devs wiiu gpu has optimized lighting post process and texturing ,,,tri core efficient cpu

gx 2 development environment much much closer to metal than dx 11

hope shenmu 3 news is true it belongs on wiiu

Anonymous said...

problem with these engines there designed for the pc space

i want wiiu to the processor metal engines that own hard