Friday, April 05, 2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut - Debut Trailer & Fact Sheet

Total Game Immersion

• You ARE Adam Jensen. The GamePad is Jensen’s Neural Hub, one of his implanted augmentations and possibly his most powerful tool.
• The “in-game” menus are now toolkits; they feel like part of the game flow and one of Adam Jensen’s augmentations.
• Tongs’s Rescue mission and the entire Missing Link chapter have been integrated seamlessly into the narrative flow of the Director’s Cut.
• Original pre-order and other bonus weapons are now at Jensen’s disposal.
Original Game Mechanics utilizing the GamePad
• Hacking is now at his best on the GamePad. Use the speed and precision of your fingers to hack on the GamePad while the world remains visible on your primary screen.
• The “sniper scope” feature allows any weapon with a scope to use both the GamePad and primary screen for a two-step, precision sniping.
• The Toolkits (previously in-game menus) are now all easily displayed and accessible on the GamePad.
• The Radar is now featured on the touch screen and is a hybrid of the original radar and the 2D Map. Opening the 2D Map Toolkit allows players to draw hints, paths and notes that will remain on the radar.
• The Quick Inventory is now displayed on the GamePad touch screen, leaving the primary screen clear.
• Looting shows detailed descriptions about the items and doesn’t require players to access extra menus to see the content.

New Features
• Grenade Throw-Back: Grenades near Jensen appear on the GamePad, the player can then swipe the grenade icon to throw the grenade back.
• New Augmentation “Tactical Pattern-Recognition System”: Display Jensen’s view through the GamePad touch screen. Moving the GamePad around will move Jensen’s view (the camera) in the same way, using the gyroscope. The NPC closest to Jensen’s center point of view (reticle) will have an extra information panel appearing over his head, giving precious information like the items carried, total health, armor type and state (unconscious, dead, normal). Jensen can still move and shoot while the T.P-R.S is active.
• Infologs: Information packages that can contain detailed screenshots, voice recordings, drawing and typed notes all together. Infologs can be toggled as a physical beacon in-game to be played automatically when standing on it. Infologs can be shared through the Miiverse to your friends, which let them view your content in-game, without breaking the immersion.
• New Game +: Lengthen the game with the New Game Plus; keeping Jensen’s augmentations on replay.
• GamePad Mode: Ability to play on the GamePad (No TV needed).
Fan Features
• Director’s commentaries; For the hardcore Deus Ex fans, approximately 8 hours of director’s commentary that reveals secrets and background info on the creation and production of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut.
• Strategy Guide: A strategy guide is available for the complete game including both the Missing Link and Tong’s Rescue mission. The strategy guide is implemented in-game and can be accessed through the Neural Hub at any time.
• Achievements system; Original game achievements, The Missing Link achievements and new achievements are available!
• A “Making Of” Video; The “Making Of” video of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, approximately 45min.
• Left-Handed control mapping; for a total of 4 control layout variations
• Languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish are available in both voice and subtitles. Choose to play the game with audio in one language but keep the subtitles on another.
New Boss Fights
• Boss fights have been entirely redesigned; new map layout and new gameplay mechanics that support the game’s main pillars (hacking, stealth, combat). Also feature AI, damage & health tweaks for the best boss fights possible.
• It’s now possible to defeat bosses without the need to fire a single bullet.

Technical & Other Improvements

• Re-balanced energy system; Able to use more augmentations with more energy cell recharging. Makes the game more enjoyable and accessible on lower difficulty levels.
• Improved visuals: With a better lighting system, fog and smoother shadows; all visual improvements from The Missing Link have been applied through the whole game. And with anti-aliasing, this is the best looking Deus Ex available.
• AI tweaked for consistency


Anonymous said...

Can I aim with all weapons with the gyroscope a la RER on 3DS? That's all I care about. If the answer is yes, sold; if not...

(I very much doubt the answer is yes, alas.)

Anonymous said...

how could any ps3 ps4 fan even attempt to callthemselves A CORE GAMER after reading that

ihate to say it but deus ex wiiu is looking amazing im 90% sure im getting this i was a bit NO WAY at first but this is PROPER gamepad development and graphics look great

love a wii remote and chuck option with gamepad in cradle all tactile but hell this will do

looks fantastic never thought they would push this far

better graphics than pc and CORE AS HELL ADVANCED YET PICK UP CONTROLS

dualshock 4 please die!!!!!

Anonymous said...

EVERY SCOPED WEAPON CAN AIM VIA SCREEN if its real time and sweet im so looking forward to that

fps aiming second stick is disgusting and wrong