Tuesday, March 05, 2013

*Speculation* Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to Wii U

With the recent listings at Wal-Mart and Best Buy of Xenoblade on the Wii U coming out soon, it easy to speculate that an HD release is in the works for system. My speculation on this being an HD remake and not just the already announced "X" on the Wii U, is that "X" was never said to be Xenoblade to anyone expect for the trailer that hinted that it was a sequel to that game. Even then, if Best Buy & Wal-Mart wanted to list a proper name to the sequel of Xenoblade, they probably would have named it "Xenoblade 2" but instead we see Xenoblade Wii U.

 An HD remake for this year would be a very nice way to introduce many gamers who didn't get a chance to play the original game on the Wii due to various reasons a chance to play it in HD, and for this type of game with such a beautiful art style, the HD graphics would be simply breathtaking and truly do the game justice. It's not every day that a game like Xenoblade comes along, so I would hope that Nintendo does release this at least on the eShop as a direct download to prepare for the Wii U sequel that will inevitably be coming at some point. 


Gregory Weagle said...

I think the game in question is X and not Xenoblade Chronicles HD. Although; if this is true, then I'm so stupid for buying the game in advance to play it on Wii U. Maybe I'll buy it again if it has TV Off-Play; or uses the Wii U controller. Either way; I'm playing the game on Wii U.

Travis Hendricks said...

Are these renders using the Dolphin upscaler?

Leo said...

If they do an HD remake on Wii U, I'll buy it. I had to rent the game on GameFly, but I really liked it.