Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut first screens

List of Wii U specific updates to the game:

  • Boss fights have been revamped with new AI, new level layouts, and the possibility of beating the bosses without ever firing a bullet.
  • New Game+ with all augmentations carrying over
  • New augmentation that gives you an enhanced first-person view on the GamePad
  • Rebalanced energy system that includes the second battery refilling rather than just the first (except on Give Me Deus Ex difficulty)
  • Toss back grenades by swiping the touchscreen
  • Hacking, looting, sniping, and menus on the GamePad
  • Record notes with text, drawing, screenshots, or audio, and share them on Miiverse
  • Map notes
  • Off-TV Play
  • Tong's Rescue and Missing Link DLC included and integrated smoothly into the game (Missing Link originally had to be launched separately from Main Menu despite taking place during the main plot)
  • Preorder bonus weapons included
  • Official in-game strategy guide included in the menus, can be accessed at any time
  • ~8 hours of Director's Cut commentary included throughout the world
  • 45 minute "Making Of" documentary
  • Achievements from base game, Missing Link, and new Director's Cut achievements
  • Left-handed control schemes (four control schemes in total)
  • Multilingual support with English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish voice and subtitles enabled (can be mixed and matched)
  • Enhanced graphics from the Missing Link, including smoother shadows, improvements to lighting and fog, and antialiasing
  • Upgraded enemy AI

  • This all sounds great, but will people be interested in a 2 year old port that sold poorly in the first place? The game got some good reviews and is considered by many as a very good game so that in itself might warrant enough to check out this enhanced version on Wii U. Despite the sad amount of late ports on Wii U, at least there will still be some great exclusives included with these in the future on the system. 


    Anonymous said...

    its the cheaoest low lofe port you could possibly imagine its like a ps1 game on dreamcast its that bad its DOWN RIGHT INSULTING...

    its a game they didnt profit from so port to wiiu add cheap to produce extras and HYPE IT

    this industry needs to crash and burn

    Travis Hendricks said...

    I love this concept, build a character how you want and play the game how you want, and this game got some great reviews. Since it's 2 years old it will likely come out at least $10 cheaper, if not more, so that will be nice too. Either way, I'm loving the release of games I haven't played before on the Wii U. I'm about 70% done with Batman Arkham City right now and I love it. I, personally, love having more games, even if they aren't brand new for everyone else, because they're new to me.