Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wii U GPU Thoughts and Unknowns

There is a lot of common sense in the above video. Shame on Digital Foundry (which is usually spot on) for jumping the gun and claiming they put the Wii U GPU performance in nutshell when over 30% of the GPU is still being examined and is unknown.

The working theory is that the Wii U GPU is able to use a mixture of Programmable Shaders with Fixed-Function Shaders simultaneously, thus making an extremely efficient GPU.

My guess would be that if developers who want to get the most "next gen" looking games would learn to use the Fixed-Function part of the GPU to achieve "DirectX 11" type effects along with the Programmable Shaders.

It's fun to speculate!


Anonymous said...

Its been confirmed to use a custom E6760 from AMD they are allowed to say which chip it uses just not allowed to talk specs of the custom chip.

Anonymous said...

There is no way of confirming that. Only I'd we had die shots of th 6760 could we compare. Tis spec thing with wii u is so out of hand and no one seems to know shit. It's all speculation.

Anonymous said...

digital foundery are MORONS there not usually spot on with NINTENDO there part ofbthe online campain AGAINST NINTENDO there industry worshipers there the kind that troll the net with COMPLEAT NONSENSE like wii remote is casual wii remote not for fps anything nintendo make is stupid

there stupid they have no understanding of TECH out side the pc industry thats why they get things soooo wrong the expresso is not a powerpc 750 its a custom multicore based and evolved from GEKKO

digital foundry havnt a freaking clue dave you as well as i have studied gekko flipper wii took in what factor 5 said and have a COMMONSENSE understsnding of things digital foundry are morons


digital foundry are hypercrites they call themselves fans of cutting edge tech so why ignire wii remore wii motion plus gamepad and wiiu chip set

wiiu cpu has ibm edram as level 2 catch IS CUTTING EDGE TECH its the future of IBM cores and wiiu LEADS THE WAY its top secret tech its stuff nintendo and ibm seem to want to protect

edram as catch has 2x plus the bandwidth of sram and theres 3mb of it ,its also much much smaller much less power hungry and operates much cooler THE EXPRESSO IS TINY THEY SCREAM ya dont say ibm @45nm are at physical sizes amd and intel need 32nm to even come close to ibm and ibms edram is 4 x smaller than sram SO THE CPU WOULD BE WHAT DAVE!!!!!!!????? smaller maybe or is that me being to technical LOL @ digital foundry and eurogamer and CVG there all in the same DERP GAMER BOAT!!

expresso is tri core not supported by ppc750 the wiiu cpu is 45nm not supported by ppc750 the wiiu cpu is silicon on insulator and copperwire tech not supported on old ppc750 the wiiu cpu has peak 4to1 data compression ppc750 dont have data compression the wiiu cpu cores each have compressed data grapjics burst pipes again ppc750 has no such custom graphics data burst pipes

and hers another one digital foundry already know but delibratly ignore they said wiiu has ppc750s as if there cpus from the past and also stated they have ppc750 flouting point units THATBIS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULL SHIT

gekko,broadway,expression have custom 2x 32bit custom simds with 50 gamecentric added instructions and peak 4to1 data compression 2x 32 bit custom simds plus 4 x peak compression gives you more simd thru put than 4x 32bit simds 2x 32 bit plus compression of 4 x gives you a hell of a lot of custom simds and vector performance theres a 2x 32bit simds per core on expresso

a tricore 4 stage pipeline risc cpu with 4/5 instructions per clock a high bandwidth edram catch 4 x data compression graphics data custom burst pipes to gpu custom regesters and instructions at 45 nm MCM with high speed connectors not standard buses IS CUTTING EDGE TECH NOT TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!!
broadway @729mhz would beat a intel ATOM @1.6mhz with shere ease it will litterally leave it for dead expresso per core easily destroys each jaguar core expected in the other systems there badically AMDs version of ATOM skightly better same catch same pipe stages same VERY BASIC x86 core just some added basic out of order thats it...

expresso @4 x data compression has a 4 x increase in bandwidth and a 4 x increase in data so that 3mb catch becomes 12mb underpowered i think not 12 x the catch of wii and its edram not sram THATS about 24 x more than broadway cpu has!!!!

Anonymous said...

its actually between the e4690and the e6760 its compleatly custom and its very very powerful neogaf digital foundry and eurogamer and beyond3d are just doing there usual CRAP !!!!

32mb edram plus 2mb edram plus well over 1mb of sram is FREAKING INSANE its simply a hugly powerful custom video-gaming gpgpu to a INTELIGENT AND EDUCATED HUMAN BEING COUGH DIGITAL FOUNDRY...

THE 32MB EDRAM alone has over 140gb bsndwidth that is 4.5 x xbox 360 and its 3.2 x bigger also NOT NEXT GEN LOL xbox 720 edram is rated at 100GB bandwidth LOL AT WIIU WEAK XBOX STRONG SEE MY POINT THEY MAKE IT ALL UP TO SUIT THERE MS AND SONY WORSHIP CLEAR FANBOYING

140 is 40 more than xbox 720 see my point THERE NINTENDO HATING

that is the 32 mb edram alone theres buses to the 2 mb edram and the sram so they also have INSANE BANDWIDTH ALSO that is simply AMAZING ,,,,

the gpu combines next gen hollywood like function and abillity with up to date COMPUTE SHADERS i fail to see how multitudes of wii effects and multitudes of xbox 360 like shaders combined plus huge amounts of fast ram and bandwidth isnt next gen LOL LTFOL

digital foundry deserv ZERO RESPECT DAVE they deserv spitting on NOTHING MORE

wiiu gpgpu has MORE SRAM than cell rsx and xenos combined FACT

wiiu gpu has 3.6 x more EDRAM than xbox 360s xenos gpu


Anonymous said...

the operating system in the heads of these people crashes when a nintendo gpu is revealed THERE IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

educated guess based on basic sram edram info and bus info

32mb 140gb plus,, 2mb edram say 512bit bus 35gb plus,,,sram could be anything 20 to 50 gb whatever theres easily 200gb of fast ram on that custom gpu ,it wouldnt be there DOING NOTHING expensive ram is used to push POWERFUL PROCESSORS VERY HARD

Anonymous said...

iv just closed down system wars because the sony and ms fans cannot handle the truth they had massive melt down at wiiu gpu having more in chip memory bandwidth than x720s reported WHOLE SYSTEM

i did it again I OWNED ASS

Anonymous said...

trying to find old factor 5 stuff on gc and wii ,the virtual texture design that gc and wii had broke textures down further allowing 50% more texture thru put...

so the texture units were texture unit 1.5s not standard 1for1 so the 4 texture units act like 6 plus texture units... wii and gamecube supported this custom stream in of textures so peak compression was 6to1 and virtual texturing was + 50% so max textures in catch was 9mb not 6 mb and wii/gcs texel fillrate was 50% more than the stated texels i.e 4 texture units at whatever speed =the peak fillrate in textures

now the HARD CORE (COUGH) comunity of neogaf etc are banging on about 16 texture units BUT BEING IGNORENT they are judging on standard terms there not loking at it with NINTENOISED EYES

the virtual texture design in hardware not only will be there in wiiu gpu it will no doubt be better

so in NORMAL TERMS that 16 texture units is more like 24 or even 32 due to the custom texturing design

i looked at old nintengen articles to find his comments about it but i cannot find them just food for thought as i remember every last thing about that hardware and i can see it in wiiu and how it would be still there but BETTER

Anonymous said...

Theres a reason Nintendo went with Power PC instead of x86. For the price to get decent x86 performance they would need something along the line of a ULP Sandy or Ivy Bridge Core i3 or Pentium or at least a Athlon II X2 on AMD's end. Sony went the cheap route and got a Jaguar core (tablet class BTW) based processor which is comparible to an Atom. This will come back to bite them big time as this type of processor will severely bottleneck all but the most entry level GPUs'.

Now Nintendo was smart to go with the tried and true PowerPC architecture. Easy to program, MUCH better FPU performance than x86 clock for clock. The only problem was that they were relatively power hungry and had bad thermal issues. Now, modern process had made these a thing of the past. Now you have a 3 core APU along with a decent GPU plus all that embedded memory all for 31 watts. How can you beat that?

Forget all those launch title rushed ports for Wii U. Need for Speed Most Under Cover will be the REAL acid test for Wii U, and thats still considered a 1st gen release. We will know in a few weeks time.