Friday, February 08, 2013

Rayman Legends Wii U is completed why delay it?

So as most of you know by now Ubisoft announced yesterday that they were going to delay the Wii U version of Rayman Legends until September of this year when they release the 360/PS3 versions of the game. So not only does Ubisoft take away a game that they announced as a Wii U exclusive, but they delay the game 7 months on top of that. My question is why?

If Ubisoft releases the Wii U version of the game in late February (as they should have) they won't be loosing any sales whatsoever from the 360/PS3 ports since people that own those systems will buy the game on their own console when it comes out if they want it. Rayman Origins sold around 500k on each multiplatform console respectively since the release back in 2011, so what's the big deal?

Even one of the current developers of the game Xavier Poix can't understand it:

"I completely understand you but you have to understand one thing. This is not a decision taken by the development team, this comes from really really high up, so please don't pick on the game.

If you're pissed, imagine how we feel. Think on the situation, we've been making overtime with this game practically since May preparing E3, and then almost a demo per month (gamescon, Wii U presentation, shops, eShop, etc...) and at the same time trying to actually finish the game. We had a first delay because it was obvious we couldn't finish on time but we gave it all to be there on February. What face do you think we had when the week we had to close the game we're being told it's not going to be released? I couldn't believe it.

For practical matters, you'll have to wait for some months for the game to be released and will most likely serve for more content to be added and do it better. For us, this means we've spent 6 months barely seeing our wifes, kids, and friends for nothing because, after all, such a haste wasn't needed. Believe it, it was a hell to swallow these news.
Even then I'm firm in what I said back in the day, Rayman Legends is an excellent game and will still be, and the team that's making it doesn't deserve to have your back turned on them just because some men in ties one day took a wrong choice. This industry is really that shitty" 


So forget about the exclusiveness of the game on Wii U, that's fine, but just release the game now on Wii U and the others when they are ready.......what good does it do by releasing all 3 versions at the same time in 7 months whey Ubisoft already has a finished version right now?


Anonymous said...

the industery hates nintendo its blatent lying as always they will say wiiu not next gen to pretend they cannot develop for it wen in fact its right up there with other two consoles to come...

the real reason will be hate of superiority and no used games playable on ps and xbox that will be the real reason WHO WOULD BUY SUCH A CONSOLE THAT IS PLAIN THEFT AND CONTROL OF FREE PEOPLE ,sony and ms are irelivent to gaming

sony will make a kinda dualshock with rubbing panel or some goofy stupid thing and copy kinect and xbox will have kinect and that horendous light flashing crap

Anonymous said...

to try and hurt wiiu that is the idea ubisoft are FAKE SUPPORTING Wiiu just like they did wii activition ubisoft and EA will all do this

and then demand that consumers buy there games on systems with used games blocked fir CASH its like a videogame industry version of NEW WORLD ORDER theres sony and ms fans defending this dave FOR REAL DEFENDING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SUCH A CONTROLLED GAMING WORLD thats seriously wrong and demented and plain retarded....

Anonymous said...

just a thought dave until expresso photos are looked at we dont know but i dont think this is right just an idea

the 2mb edram mem0 and the 1mb sram comes to 3mb so maybe the 2mb is ibm edram and feeds core 1 of cpu and the sram is 1mb so it feeds core0 and core3 asvsram catch 512k each it could be the expresso level 2 catch im hoping it isnt and its on expresso its self more fast ram the better

just wondered