Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Need for Speed Most Wanted - Wii U vs Xbox 360 screens

Xbox 360:

Wii U:

Xbox 360:

Wii U:

YouTube video links:
Wii U game
Xbox 360 game

The developers at Criterion were not kidding when they said that the Wii U version of the game was improved graphically and based on the PC version's assets. Just this small example shows already a step up in graphical fidelity in not just the textures, but also with the shaders and lighting from the Wii U's more modern GPU. 


Anonymous said...

Well these shots are night and day ? WiiU version looks better than pc...

Anonymous said...

You clearly haven't played the PC version then. Graphically speaking, the PC version looks much better than this.

D2K Prime said...

It doesn't look better than the PC and it doesn't look worse than the PC. It is on-par. The exact same texture and lighting packs where used for both versions.

And please, lets not go into the semantics about gaming PC power levels. We are comparing a fixed level of hardware against an upgradable piece of hardware. We won't see upgradable console hardware until the Steambox.

Anonymous said...

These pics are taken from different time of day in same stage, so how can we compare ?


Anonymous said...

That's how you do a port. Criterion has my respect.

Metaldave said...

I've been considering the "different time of day argument" but have concluded that the Xbox 360 version should actually look better during dusk than during the afternoon with deeper color coming from the setting sun. I think it's safe to say the Wii U version outclasses the 360 game pretty easy.

ELIITE_MaGiCz said...

"These pics are taken from different time of day in same stage, so how can we compare ?


Damage Control..

D2K Prime said...

It's funny though looking at all the damage control from haters over this game on other websites.

Every excuse under the sun is being made as to why this isn't a big deal. For no reason other than the fact that it is the Wii U version.

The Wii U could have a game with photo-realistic Avatar like CGI in REAL-TIME and people STILL would find a way to shoot it down.

I just hope that Nintendo doesn't get away from who they are and start trying to impress people whom never will be nor want to be.

Anonymous said...

can i just add destroyah!!!!!!

that fixed closed console hardware can be pushed as much as 5 fold a pc and gpu kernals are many more times more powerful on a console than a stupid pc...

pc is BY FAR the most inefficient platform there is and open programming cannot not match fixed programming and to the metal or close to the metal will always be 3 to 5 x more effective than middle ware

pc fans are morons it would take a pc of at least 4 x the wiiu spec to match it in game THAT IS TECH FACT

and anyone who thinks a single screened format is relevant and NEXT GEN is a blind fanboy

3ds and wioiu have yet again moved the gaming goal posts any company releasing a single screened console thios year is releasing a OBSILETE CONSOLE

thats generational FACT

Anonymous said...

wiiu port rule 1: use pc not xbox port. it works better.

and that was with 3 months of work vs. 2-3 years for other games

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it seems that the "tweaked" drawing distance actually means shorter. The textures are popping in :( Otherwise I would have liked to get the Wii U version.

voltum said...

Not really good comparison:
- Different time of the day.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks these look anywhere near PC or "On par" are fucking out of their minds or have no idea about current PC's. If you mean near, better or on par with the same priced equipment... Then no shit considering consoles are just Closed PC's. I could point out about the thousand reasons all the above commenters are retarded but ill leave it to the minds of you all to decide that.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Criterion for putting the extra work for the Wii U version. This is how you make a port. Definitely getting this on day one.

Starfox17 said...

These shots are the same time of day and in wiiu version there is tesselation in the road and bricks on the wall and nextgen lighting ect get over it the 360 version looks like a ps2 game in HD,the 360 and ps3 have only ever been sub HD consoles anyway they are not native HD consoles like WiiU or ps4 ect just get over it sheesh.

D2K Prime said...

Anyone whom calls people names with irrelevant babble under an "anonymous" handle is pretty pathetic and needs prayer.

Seriously. It's really sad that the hatred towards Nintendo has grown to such a level, that even when facts are slapping them in the face they refuse to believe that and throw ad-hominems around because that are trying to beat a fact with their biased opinion.

Why is it so hard to digest that Nintendo actually made a console capable of cutting-edge graphics. Isn't this what peopel whined about sind 2006?

"WAAAH! The Wii is too weak. It's not as powerful as the 360 and PS3. It's last-gen hardware. It's only standard definition. It doesn't have any multiplats. The online stinks. Friend codes are stupid. It doesn't have any mature games. WAH-WAH, WAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Nintendo does all of these things and more and people STILL aren't satisfied. It's just with Nintendo. Sony just unveiled the PS4 which seems to be a very powerful system, yet all day long after the conference was over I heard that same incessant WHINING! It's ridiculous. What I saw didn't exactly blow my socks off, but it was impressive. Judging but the reaction you think Sony came out there with a cardboard box and a wet-nap.


Alex said...

The PC version probably does look better than this, marginally, but it has serious frame rate issues and crashes a lot. Source: personal experience, long forum threads complaining about it, and real life friends.

Unknown said...

There the same time of day. They are both days. The wii u is not only showing better textures but lighting as well.

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Nathan said...

You clearly haven't played the PC version then. Graphically speaking, the PC version looks much better than this.
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