Thursday, February 14, 2013

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Wii U - Demo Video

Finally some Wii U support by EA in a presentation video. I am surprised to say the least. The game looks very good and nice to see that the team has used the Wii U's extra power to use on the game.


Anonymous said...

Nice best version by far in my eyes whats not to like ?

Anonymous said...

im getting sick of EA devs saying it has more memory it has more EVERYTHING not just memory they will not let go the myth it aint next gen we ALL know what they will say wen ps and xbox release GPU THIS CPU THAT WOW ZORG HARDCORE then it will be wiiu like x360 WITH MORE MENORY its clearly the gpu and cpu also helping make the game look so good

the draw distence is jaw dropping its miles ahead into the distence