Thursday, January 10, 2013

Netflix Super HD coming to Wii U

Netflix Press Release:

Netflix Super HD and 3D

Now available through Open Connect partners, Netflix Super HD is the highest quality video format offered by Netflix, providing an even better picture on 1080p HDTVs.

In the U.S., Netflix is also for the first time offering a small number of titles streaming in 3D through Open Connect partners. Available for 3D viewing are, among other titles, the action fantasy drama "Immortals," Red Bull Media House's snowboarding documentary "The Art of Flight," and a number of titles from the Discovery/Sony/Imax joint venture 3net Studios - including the native, original 3D series "African Wild," "Scary Tales," and "Live Fire." Depending on member demand, Netflix will consider adding 3D titles and expanding availability to international markets.

"These new Super HD and 3D formats are more challenging to deliver than our other video streams, which is why we will deliver them through Open Connect," said Ken Florance, vice president of content delivery at Netflix. "Any ISP that wants to be able to deliver our new formats can do so easily and for free."

Netflix members can verify if their ISP is part of Open Connect and provides access to Netflix Super HD and, in the U.S. only, 3D on this Web site:

ISPs that are not yet on Open Connect can contact Netflix at to start their Open Connect relationship. As part of Open Connect, Netflix is also sharing its hardware design and the open source software components. These designs are suitable for any other provider of large media files and are very cost efficient. Netflix Super HD will be available on PS3, WiiU, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TVs with 1080p, and select smart TVs and Blu-Ray players. More devices coming soon.


Anonymous said...

yes and xbox 720 is getting dun dun dun wait for it dun dun dun ilumiroom and it looks like a total pile of crap disco light ball in yo living room again like kinect you fail

Anonymous said...

i can get usa netflix on my laptop phone and wiiu as i have dns siftware makes it look like im in usa any state i choose total freedom i run wiiu thru laptop to get connected or just use laptop like i did to watch human centerpead LOL