Thursday, January 31, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U Patch Before & After

Some of the changes are very good while others have nurfed the recoil on some of the automatic weapons. Whatever happened to the time when a game released and it was finished and you could just enjoy the game from start to end?


Anonymous said...

andEA games called playstation thefirst console in a usa vs nintendo anti nintendo declare war comment

bring it on EA wii are ready andyou havnt profitedvin years due to disruption and you said that about wiiu the day after nintendo confirmed back in profit

dave its a long fight but we need a gaming universe with no EA or acctivition THQ already hadits throat cut by wii let the revolution continue

Anonymous said...

unplayable now guns twitch the claymore and knife and betty anamation repeats 5 times wen throwing it repeats 3 times wen picking it back up !!!!!

the guns twitch around as you run the recoils gimped the lag detection is even worse

last cod game i buy im done now with cod and all EA games to iv said it before give me trash il turn my back on you i never got a single EA game last gen and long may it continue im now finished with activition wiiu please disrupt this industry i want it all to burn its beyond a gient joke being played on the consumer now its blatent stealing of are money

Travis Hendricks said...

This is a really nice summary of the patch changes. I wish Activision would release something like this officially.