Friday, December 28, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - New Wii U Gameplay

The original Monster Hunter 3 was an amazing game so it's going to be hard for this HD upgrade to do much wrong to it. The game basically looks the same except with added textures and shadows and of course the 1080p resolution.

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Anonymous said...

im not interested till this series up dates its controls, touch screen D pads and a psp camera just dont cut it.. give me real touch screen controls and a real wii remote and nunchuck option.. not some robo cop psp control shoe horned onto my nintendo no thanks it kills what could be an amazing gaming experience

blops 2 wii remote kinda fix FIXED CAMERA it centers the crosshair but it makes the hits work way better iv had to do it to make it playable nothing you can do for the auto hit nonsense of twin sticks