Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U - Dazran303 gameplay


Anonymous said...

not interested at all until its patch if it ever will be they delibratly gimped the wii remote its so obvious to stopbus owning the auto aim clowns doesnt look like anything will be done iv got to 40 ish nearly at prestige yet i havnt come even close to winning a match iv tried twin sticking its old fashioned its un natural its robotic and the kills unsatisfing as it fake flick the analogbget abkill shooting someohes foot ok activition what the f##k ever im not 3 years old im sick to death with the gaming industry yet again ifind myself thinkig of buying only 1st party games and 007 shipped with no wii remote controls and no doubt alien marines will also ship with out actual fps controls instead a gimmic on the pad screen i dont want gimmics i want CORE GAMING CONTROLS

Anonymous said...

no interest until patched i am fuming at this they made good wii wii remote support then all of a sudden forgot for wiiu

no they didn't it was deliberate !!!!

they know whos boss in cod online matches so gimped are controls to APPEASE CASUALS who will complain wen wii remoters own them the game is aimed at hardly cores and kids

not fps gentlemen !!!!!!!!!!!!! wii remote is the cultured gentlemens fps control not the kiddy control