Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge - Wii U vs Xbox 360 graphics comparison

This video only highlights some of the graphical tweaks like better lighting but I've noticed even more:

-Wii U version has no screen tearing and improved frame rate
-More advanced particles as seen with the rain 
-Better ground textures and seemingly better textures overall
-Much improved and more pronounced shadows (see Spider boss)

This is just random stuff I noticed from the video, I'm sure a full play through would reveal even more improvements. 


HDD Regenerator said...

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Anonymous said...

It barely looks any better. Had they spent 6 months more on the 360 version it would probably manage the same sort of minor tweaks just like how mass effect 2 was tweaked on the ps3 version after the 360 one but then those same additions were in the 360 version of ME3 later too. Hardly a mind blowing demonstration of Wii U.

Anonymous said...

screen tearing and general crappy running of code is my biggest pet hate with ps3 and x360 thats why i didnt even get one as a secondary console...

bugs glitches terrible framerates long load times tearing and terrible scalling and more tearing when you scale the list goes on and on and if sony and ms fan call that core gaming theres something very wrong with them

wiius high bandwidth and lightning fast ram and huge catch memory and easy to code nature will see a end to that as long as devs aint lazy

and no dout wiiu scalling of resolution is no hit on hardware and very very polished 720p to 1080p on a 2012 system should look fantastic the native resolution isnt what matters its the product we buy with are money POLISH THE SHIT OUT OF IT IL BUY that simple

Metaldave said...

I never once said anything in this demonstration was "mind-blowing" but simply improved over the 360 version.

Anonymous said...


read the IGN review of thsi game on the Wii U.. apparently the visuals and textures are muddy and poor in comparison to 360..not even the slightest bit better..

pretty shit in my opnion i was hoping it be the first game to rub in 360 and ps3 owners faces