Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZombiU - EB Expo Gameplay

While we have seen this area of the game before in previous demos, it's nice to see it played a little bit more in-depth with the GamePad. Ubisoft has said that there are tons of other areas on London that haven't even been showed, so there will be quite a lot of surprises in store for us come launch time.


Anonymous said...

i have the delux zombi u bundle pre ordered here in the uk YES THATS RIGHT GAMERS OF THE USA i have what you want lol

il be adding nintendo land and COD black-ops 2 to that and a brand new wii mote plus and chuck and just maybe assassins creed 3

and last but not least a brand new 1080p tv

oh yes i am ready and my body wants your wares reggie

Metaldave said...

Yep you got a great bundle. I wish Nintendo gave the option of the Basic set but also 2 bundle choices with Nintendo Land or ZombiU. Congrats.