Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wii U ONM Console Overview

While the Wii U console is definitely bigger than the original Wii, it's amazing how small it really is when comparing it to other consoles. If you have read the Iwata Asks on how the Wii U console was developed, you'd be very impressed at how innovative Nintendo is even when developing the insides of a gaming console. The Wii U is truly an amazing piece of technology when comparing performance vs power consumption, no one would have thought that the GPU in the Wii U could perform better than a HD 4850 at less than approximately 25 watts!


Anonymous said...

i did because im no DERP!!!!! got to lol at neogaf and beyond3D ANTI nintendo idiots, who swear a console needs 200watts to do said graphics, they seem to completely not get technology.. and instead think if it aint hot and loud like a pc tower then it must not exist!!! im sick of these cretins ,and if i read what graphics card does wiiu use once more il scream, there is no console in history that has a graphics card a CARD is what slots into a PC TOWER consoles have a CHIP SET not a card...

according to gaf a gaming device needs a huge fan 200 watts of power and a huge pc graphics card and tech in fact doesnt shrink over time according to these total idiots JUST BECAUSE X360/PS3 WERE BULIT BY CLOWNS DOESNT MEAN NINTENDO EMPLOY CLOWNS !!!!

look at smart phones desk top pc power in a tiny thin card sixed device then look at cell/mobile phones from the 80's i rest my case TECH gets smaller not bigger!!! these idiots contradict themselves endlessly they talk of die sizes getting smaller going from 90nm to 45nm to 32nm to 28nm

then they contradict themselves and say the wiiu gpu is too small HERP DERP is a understatement....

the wiiu is far more powerful than 4850 even a 4890 wont even come close its a closed system pcs are far far behind in per clock per meg per mb bandwidth performance

the bandwidth alone in the edram could be amazing cannot wait for that info to leak

wii gpu edram was on par with x360s

x360 edram to gpu was 32GB the wii edram was around 26gb thats texture catch and frame and z buffer wiiu could have 100gb in there rumors say 74gb but is that frame buffer only is there a texture catch like wii/gamecube

iv been thinking frame and AA buufer is around 22mb and the texture catch is around 10mb , i hope we find out soon someones got to leak it

Anonymous said...

used to get the magazine years ago, that guy is a very good game reviewer and honest guy he used to edit another nintendo magazine and was very trusted in what he wrote..

he was the guy who witnessed mark rains out burst at a nintendo conference years ago just before wii and wrote about it in the next issue he basically described mark as yogi bear it was priceless writing

i love this guy because he understands the industry hate nintendo

he basically said mark was acting like the drunk guy at a wedding and made a total fool of himself when iwata started talking about gaming in the living room i.e the wii remote balance board and new kinds of playing together mark screamed out thats like turniong the tv off and playing in the dark what a load of crap and thought the watching crowd would react in laughter THEY DIDNT and mark basically was asked to leave

mark rein is anto nintendo epic are anti nintendo the usa compute industry is anti nintendo the pc industry is anti nintendo and this guy knows it i loved his anti epic anti mark rein article it told the truth this industry is full of clowns who dont know what gaming was

mark rein was so out of touch with wii he actually thought iwata was talking about shooting each other with wii remotes and not using the tv THE GUY IS AN OUT OF TOUCH IDIOT a real gamer or developer would have understood what iwata was saying this clown shoes wearing phatboy didn't

he always tried to educate about anolog sticks and tried to describe how nintendos were way better witch they are and how play stations were crap witch they are....

in his timesplitters 2 review gamecube he asked why would you play it on ps2 again not fanboying he was refering to playstations dead sticks and sloppy aim

the hairs a problem tho lol his a great games jurno shame his kinda creatively tried now working for official nintendo mag