Friday, October 19, 2012

Rayman Legends - Through the eyes of first timers

At my local mall in San Diego, the Wii U finally arrived at GameStop. After getting my fill of hands-on time with the Wii U GamePad and Rayman Legends, I handed it over to passers by to give them a chance to play and to make some observations of my own. From what I was noticing, it seems that the Wii U has nearly as much potential as the original Wii in terms of how attractive it is to casual gamers or to those that just don't play games that much. I've been anticipating the Wii U for over a year so I expected to enjoy the experience, but for those people who didn't even know what the system was or what it was about, to witness their excitement for it was really nice to see. From the looks of things, Nintendo is poised to another hit on there hands when November 18th comes around.

Impressions of the Wii U GamePad: 

The GamePad feels amazingly solid yet light at the same time. What I also noticed is that it felt very comfortable to rest both your middle and index fingers on the top L&R buttons along with the bottom ZL/ZR buttons, in the past I've never done that, not with the Xbox 360 controller or the Wii Pro Classic controller. A good sign. The two Analog Sticks feel of a higher quality than both the Wii Pro Classic and Nunchuk controller Analog sticks, I'm curious to test the differences between the different controller sticks but the GamePad definitely felt more tight and responsive overall.

Rayman Legends impressions: 

 As for Rayman Legends, I'd say it was excellent choice to show at the demo stations. It looks amazingly fresh and beautiful, not to mention without a doubt running at 1080P/60FPS. To go along with the sleek graphics is some truly fun gameplay that doesn't feel gimmicky in the slightest. I think one of the issues with the Wii was that waggle was used far too much in games and it really became a true gimmick. Rayman Legends has accelerometer motion control that makes sense in the context of the game and when developers do this the right way (like Rayman so far) then the game will keep feeling fresh and not gimmicky. The controls felt extremely smooth and fit with the GamePad extremely well. While the demo only runs about 11 minutes long, it's hard not to recommend for people to at least try it out for themselves because from what I saw it seems there is a lot to like for both core gamers and casuals.

From the looks of things, Nintendo is poised to have another hit on there hands when November 18th comes around. 


Anonymous said...

blame the devs for the waggle lol

and its 1080p plus 480p 60 frames x 2 technically.... i love how thats ignored by the haters, that in its self is amazing and that kinda power at the tv set alone or reduced gamepad screen usage would mean amazing graphics

i have to gigggle at ps3s 4D and 120 frames bragging and dual screen out when ps3 released lol wiiu is actually doing it lol

Anonymous said...

got to love a fanboy poor guys just cannot except the reality of things

ps3 and x360 struggled with fillrate at sub 1080p in fact the ps3 uses weird rendering tricks to make a faked ass 1080p 2d game RAYMAN ORIGINS

the x360 can only do it at 540p half 1080p and around 30 frames a second

the wiiu is doing 1080p 60 frames native on the tv set and 480p 60 frames on the controller at the same time AND NOT STRUGGLING and its rendering the game twice over 1 for each screen that is clear indication of wiius power

reminder x360 540p 30 frames

wii u 1080p 60 frames full graphics tv set and 480p 60 frames full graphics controller ITS A BEAST