Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Best on Wii U?

With all the hype for Black Ops 2 on the other consoles taking all the attention, it could make many wonder what the Wii U version of the game will offer over the others and if it's worth the 5 day extra wait to play it over the other versions. 

Nintendo pretty much touted Black Ops 2 as their biggest Third Party title at the September 13th conference and by doing that it also justified in many gamers minds their purchase of the Wii U, not for only Black Ops 2 but for the fact that the Wii U will not get left out in the cold this time and people might feel that finally they can safely buy 1 console and be happy. The Wii U is going to offer all the games a gamer would expect from a Next Gen console. 

Here is the worst case scenario for Black Ops 2 Wii U:

The painful Friend Codes return (even though Nintendo already confirmed Friend Codes won't be anything to worry about) in the exact same form as the Wii, missing voice chat, missing all the DLC content and of course missing the Elite service. 

The Wii U version will still have a few huge things over the competition:

-Display the Map & score,
-Touch Screen Killstreaks including "touch and place" airstrikes/helicopters
-On the fly controller adjustments without interrupting gameplay
-Local Multiplayer with one person completely playing with their own screen on the Gamepad and another on the TV - a first in the history of first person shooters without a second TV.
-Wii U version will also offer more controller options than any Call of Duty game before it. 
-PR statements at Treyarch have said that the Wii U version may have the best graphics in the console versions due to the higher resolution that the Wii U will output, which will most likely only be a full 720p, but still a bit better than what Xbox and PS3 owners have been getting for years .

The only thing that has been confirmed missing from the Wii U version of Black-Ops 2 is the Elite service. Don't confuse that with meaning it automatically is missing all the DLC too, because Treyarch has also said that they are working with Nintendo to ensure that the Wii U is included when the standard DLC map packs are released as separate downloads, similar to how every other Call of Duty game did it before Elite even existed.

These confirmed gameplay enhancements more than justify a purchase of Black Ops 2 for Wii U in my opinion. Of course the majority Call of Duty fans will be buying this game on Xbox 360 due to the familiarity and ease of not needing to buy a new console to play it. However, for the Wii U to be successful it needs to have games like Black Ops 2 that can stand toe to toe with the other systems while also showing what could make it have the better version to choose from. I think for those that are purchasing the Wii U this holiday (many will already own a 360/PS3), if they consider what the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 brings over the usual offering they may be inclined to purchase the Wii U game and start setting a new trend...... 

Which version would you choose if you are purchasing a Wii U? 


Anonymous said...

there has never been a friends code issue on wii COD theres no need for friends codes at all and every cod game on wii aloud chat with ANYONE as soon as you switch the mic on

there is no friends code system on cod because no one uses it simply select ALLY and put them in your ally list iv never in 6 years of online wii play had to use a friends code

and as anyone at all can chat in cod wii theres no friends code bottleneck to communication as you can exchange text message and chat with anyone so giving and getting codes is simple


in every single cod on wii supporting chat theres instant chat and easy ally list for everyone

Metaldave said...

Hahaha, thank you for your enthusiastic comments. For the record, I've played all the Call of Duty games on the Wii. Remember that what I was referring to was a worst case scenario for the Wii U version. My point was that even without Call of Duty Elite, the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 will still have a lot to offer that the other HD systems do not.